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Creston Valley Goes to War

Sam Scott

Scott Service

Medical report for Sam Scott, detailing his mental health issues

Sam Scott was born in England, leaving his homeland to fight in the Boer war, South Africa, 1899-1903. He settled in the Creston Valley in 1904 and purchased a fruit ranch in Erickson in 1911.

He was one of the first to sign up with the 230th Battalion and was posted to the 41st Company CFC in France.

Scott suffered a nervous breakdown in October 1918 and was invalided to hospitals in England. His doctors commented frequently on his "grandiose" and "impractical" ideas for ending the war, on which he would speak animatedly for hours at a time.

After eight months in hospital, Scott was finally invalided home with mental debility in June 1919. He died at his ranch in Erickson in 1938.