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Creston Valley Goes to War

Is The Story True?

Clarke census

Compare the Census record for Frank Clarke (line 16) with the information in his service record. Do you agree that they refer to the same man? Why or why not?

Do the two sources present the same information, different information, or a mixture of both? Are there any conflicting details? Can you suggest an explanation for any differences?

What challenges did you encounter in reading these documents? How did you overcome them?

Is the story we've presented about Frank Clarke a true story, or do you feel we've misinterpreted something?

You could answer similar questions about any of the men we've featured in this exhibit. For example:

  • Do you agree that James Stuart and L.C. Dixon are the same man?
  • Why do you think an army doctor noted in Paddy Hope's service record that he was a druggist?
  • Is it possible Sam Scott's prior military service affected him in the Forestry Corps?
  • Can you give a possible explanation for the contradictions recorded in Maurice Issacs service record?