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Creston Valley Goes to War

41st Company CFC

War Diary District 4

War diary of 41 Company CFC, part of 4 District

The 41st Company arrived in France 11 June 1917. It was originally attached to 4 District, Bordeax Group, and transferred to 1 District, Central Group at the end of December, 1917.

In France, the 41st Company operated a sawmill, producing lumber, pickets, posts, and railway ties. The Company also graded roadbeds and built railways and spurlines to connect the forests and sawmills to military distribution points.

In a typical week, the 41st Company cut as many as 2,300 logs, hauled them to the mill, and produced well over 50,000 board-feet of sawn lumber products.

Over the course of its service in France, the 41st Company produced a total 10,257,408 board-feet of lumber.

The war diaries provide much detail about the Company's movements and activities, including weekly production of logs and sawn lumber. The links below will take you to digitised copies on the Library and Archives Canada website:

41 Company, 4 District CFC, July 1917-December 1917

1 District CFC, August 1917-January 1919 (note: 41st Company did not join this district until the end of December 1917)

War diaries of other Forestry Corps and Infantry units are also available on the Library and Archives website. Click here to access the search form.