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Creston Valley Goes to War

Heber Stevenson

Forestry Corps Sawmill

Canadian Forestry Corps Sawmill

Stevenson Service

Service record of Hebert Stevenson

Heber Stevenson is an excellent example of the many lumbering roles men in the Forestry Corps played.

Born on Prince Edward Island, he was working as a lumberman at Bull River, BC when he enlisted on 25 March 1917. Very soon after his arrival in France with the 41st Company, he was appointed Engineer. A few months later, he was appointed log-setter, then edgerman - all important roles in the operation of a busy sawmill producing a wide variety of lumber products.

The fact that he spent only a few months at a time in each of these roles suggests he may have been training other members of the Company. His higher-than-average wage supports this: even though he retained the rank of private, which normally paid $1.10 per day, he was paid as much as $2.25 per day - similar to the pay of junior and non-commissioned officers.

In July 1918, Stevenson was struck in the chest by an iron lever. A couple of weeks later, he was suffering pain and swelling and was evacuated to the General Hospital at Rouen. The injury abscessed and required two operations - one in January 1919, and another in September after he had been invalided to a hospital in Calgary - before it healed.