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Creston Valley Goes to War

Soldiers, Lumberjacks, or Both?


The Creston Review announced the formation of the local Forestry Battalion on 26 January 1917, in an article that detailed the general qualifications and medical requirements for the Forestry Corps. Try to find similar information for the Canadian Infantry battalions. What are the key differences? Why do you think the military relaxed the requirements for the Forestry Corps?

Review the list of Forestry Corps recruits and explore the service records for some of them. Do you feel they reflect the requirements for the Forestry Corps well, in some ways, or not at all? Explain your answer.

The average age of the men in the Forestry Corps was considerably higher than that of men in the Infantry battalions. Looking at the evidence of their service records, do you think their age affected their ability to be soldiers? Why or why not?

Were the men of the Forestry Corps soldiers, or lumberjacks, or both?