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Creston Valley Goes to War

Everet Fortier

Fortier Service

Service record for Everet Fortier

Everet Fortier, originally from Maine, may have joined the Foresters to avoid more active service. Canada was already considering Conscription to fill the depleted ranks at the frontlines, and his homeland United States was about to declare war on Germany. It was almost inevitable that Fortier, thirty-three years old in 1917, would have been required to enlist with one of those two countries. He enlisted with the Foresters only ten days before the Battalion left Creston.

His service in France with the 41st Company CFC was unremarkable until March 1918, when he was caught with two sacks of stolen oats. Punshment for stealing public goods was always severe, but Fortier's crime brought him to the Commanding Officer's attenton at the worst possible moment.

He was sentenced to six months in prison and transfer to the Infantry, which was then seeking every available man for the final Allied offesnive of the war.

Fortier served three months, then joined the 72nd Canadian Infantry Battalion. He was killed in action 25 August 1918 during the battle of Amiens.