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Creston Valley Goes to War

Make It Your Story

Young Service

Choose one of the recruits to the Forestry Corps. Imagine you are that soldier. Using information in his service record, the war diary for his Forestry Corps company, any other sources of information you can find, and your own imagination, write a number of diary entries or a series of letters home that answer the following questions:

  • Why did you enlist? What is life like for you in the Forestry Corps? How does it differ from civilian life? What do you miss most about civilian life?
  • What is your role in the Forestry Corps? Does it change as the war progresses? How do you feel about the work you are doing?
  • How do you react when Canada needs more soldiers on the frontlines for the last months of the war? When the Armistice is signed? When you are awaiting transport home? When you finally get home?

You can access the service record of your soldier by clicking on his name in the list provided under "The Recruits." You can find explanations of abbreviations in military service records here. Other resources that may be helpful:

There are many resources available online about the First World War: Imperial War Museum, Canadian War Museum, individual military units, and many others have excellent websites and resources. Library and Archives Canada has many other resources as well.

You may also find it helpful to research your soldier's civilian occupation and his hometown.