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Creston Valley Goes to War


Domke, Daniel: Private, Canadian Scottish Regiment, Royal Canadian Infantry Corps. Enlisted 1942. Killed in action 11 August 1944 in France.

Donaldson, A Vernon: Warrant Officer, Royal Canadian Air Force; attached to Royal Air Force Bomber Command. Enlisted 1941, went overseas 1942. Completed required 30 operational flights in winter 1943-1944. Re-enlisted for another tour May 1945.

Donkin, Ivon Frederick: Private, armoured division Southern Alberta Regiment. About 1943, selected for officer’s training in England, then rejoined his unit and followed up the D-Day landings as commander of a light tank. Served in France, Holland, and the Rhine, and was probably involved in mopping up operations; discharged September 1945.

Doren, H T:

Downes, J: Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve

Downes, James “Jim”: Royal Canadian Air Force

Drapaka, Mike: Army

Draper, H F:

Draper, R D:

Dupuis, M:

Eakin, George T: 107th Battery, 24th (Kootenay) Field Brigade, Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted 1939, served overseas until 1945. This was a unit with the non-permanent active militia.

Eakin. Robert G “Bob”: Private, Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted July 1940.

Eddy,Homer A:

Edwards, Isaac James “Jim”: Arrow Creek. Walked from his home in Arrow Creek to the recruiting station at the Erickson train station to enlist because he needed a new pair of boots. Enlisted 1940, at age 18 with the Duke of Connaught’s Own Rifles; finished his miltary service as dispatch rider with the Engineers. Crossed English Channel on D-Day, his 23rd birthday; may have also served with the Army of Occupation and returned to Creston 1946.

Edwards, John G: Sapper, BC Regiment (Duke of Connaught’s Own). Enlisted 1940, then transferred to Forestry Corps in Scotland; later transferred to Engineers? (CRE) and served in France, Holland, and Germany.

Edwards, S H: Royal Canadian Army.  Enlisted June 1940.

Edwards, Tommy J: Erickson. The youngest of four sons, all of whom were serving overseas.

Edwards, William A: Canadian Army Overseas. Enlisted January 1941.

Erickson, Edwin V “Eddy”: Lance Bombardier, Royal Canadian Artillery.  Enlisted 1941 and sent overseas the same year. Killed in action in France 8 August 1944, probably during “Operation Totalise” in which the Allied troops broke out of Normandy and pushed into northern France.

Evans, E:

Everal, G:

Fast, Arthur: Private, Canadian Army. Enlisted January 1945.

Fast, Daniel G: Enlisted 1940, went overseas in 1942. Slightly wounded in Italy, 2 September 1944.

Fast, W O:

Faulkner, C F: Yahk.

Faynor, John: Sergeant, Wireless Air Gunner, Royal Canadian Air Force.  Graduated training school February 1945.

Ferguson, Irving: Sergeant, “Devil’s Brigade,” 1st Special Service Force; served for fifteen months 1943-1944. Wounded in left hand 11 March 1944 in Italy; shoulder September 1944, and a third time December 1944 in France. The Devil’s Brigade was a joint Canadian-American unit, formed in 1942 near Helena, Montana. The unit fought in the Aleutian Islands, Italy, and southern France. It was disbanded in December 1944. The Devil’s Brigade was the original special services or commando unit.

Ferguson, William “Bill”: Canadian Army Overseas. Enlisted 1942. Sent to Africa, en route to Italy, but invalided out due to serious illness.  Came back to Canada on a hospital ship prior to March 1944.

Findler, S: 18th Forestry Company, Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted September 1940.

Finlayson, G A:

Fisher, Frank: Pilot Officer, Royal Canadian Air Force

Fisher, Lyall: Leading Aircraftman, Royal Canadian Air Force; served in Europe. Volunteered for Pacific service July 1945.

Fleck, Charles H: Sergeant, Veterans' Home Guard. Enlisted July 1940. Stationed at Medicine Hat.

Flett, Ethel: Secretary, Canadian Army

Flett, Wesley John: Private, Loyal Edmonton Regiment, Royal Canadian Infantry Corps. Enlisted 17 November 1942, went overseas in May 1943. Served in North Africa and Italy, including the Battle of Ortona. Killed in Action in Italy 17 February 1944.

Ford, Robert “Bob”: Flight Sergeant, Air Gunner, Royal Canadian Air Force. Promoted to Pilot Officer September 1944. He had started as a private, and worked his way up through all of the ranks of non-commissioned officers.  Most of his service was in Italy.

Ford, R: Yahk

Forest, Phil: Canadian Merchant Navy; may have been sunk three times.

Foss, G N: Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted January 1941.

Foss, Warren “Rusty”: Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve. Enlisted 1944.

Fowler, Gavin: Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve

Fowlie, Don: Pilot Officer,  Royal Canadian Air Force

Fowlie, Verna: Nursing sister, Royal Canadian Air Force. Flying officer in charge of a Royal Air Force hospital at Swift Current, until April 1944 when she was posted to Regina.

Frank, S Simpson: Veterans' Home Guard

Franklin, F B:

Fraser, J: Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted July 1940.

Fraser, L A:

Fraser, M S:

French, Charles J “Charlie”:

French, Kenneth: Sergeant, Royal Canadian Air Force. Killed in action 15 April 1944

Fritz, Jake: Sergeant, Ordinance Corps.  Gunner, BC Regiment (Duke of Connaught’s Own). Served overseas; was stationed in Canada throughout 1945.

Fritz, Martha: Canadian Women's Army Corps

Fudikoff, A:

Gagne, Joe: Army

Gallagher, Alton:

Gallagher, Claire Garfield “Jack”: Private, Irish Fusiliers, Canadian Army Overseas. Enlisted July 1940. Served in England due to a medical eye problem, training special forces to work behind enemy lines.

Gardiner, Sidney J: Slightly wounded in Holland Jan 1945.

Gariepy, A: Royal Artillery Corps. Enlisted July 1940.

Gartland, Henry: Royal Canadian Air Force. Served in England and married an English girl.

Gartland, Jimmy: Army. Enlisted February 1945.

Gartland, Sid: Army. Wounded in Italy, served in Normandy and Holland, Died in boating accident on Kootenay Lake in 1964.

Gautier, Tom: Royal Canadian Air Force?

Gay, Henry J: Royal Canadian Air Force. Didn’t return to Canada until 1946; after the peace, his duty was to disinter hastily buried soldiers in war graves and identify them.

Gendron, Vic G: Royal Canadian Army.

Gilchrist, W G: Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted June 1940.

Gillis, Lawrence M: Former teacher at Creston and Yahk, and had been married in Creston in 1942.Flight Lieutenant, Royal Canadian Air Force. Enlisted from Cranbrook in 1941. Killed in Action October 1944.

Gilmore, John Royal “Roy”: Driver and mechanic, Army Transport Canadian Army Overseas.  Enlisted September 1940. Basic training in Val Cartier, QC, then sent to Scotland; landed in France, was stationed in the Ardennes 16 December 1944 - 30 January 1945, then Brussels, Germany; discharged September 1945

Gilmore, K:

Gladu, C P: Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted January 1941.

Gladu, Rodney: Paratrooper, Canadian Army Overseas.  Enlisted 1943; Wounded by shrapnel April 1945.

Glasier, Ralph R: Private. Served in Europe. Wounded twice, first in Holland December 1944; second time March 1945.

Gobbett, Herbert N:

Godfrey, ?: Warrant Officer

Goodwin, George Nicholas: Pilot Officer, Royal Canadian Air Force; Enlisted 1941. Royal Air Force Coastal Command 101 Squadron, Nassau, Bahamas, December 1942-June 1943; transferred to Bathurst, West Africa June 1943. Killed in action 11 August 1943 when the Liberator V bomber, of which he was co-pilot, was shot down while attacking and sinking a German U-Boat off the coast of Africa. Promoted to Flying Officer effective 25 March 1943, but notification of it did not come through until 23 November 1944.

Goodwin, Jack: Lance Corporal, Camp Borden

Gorrigan, J H:

Gorrill, Alvin: Leading Aircraftman, Royal Canadian Air Force.

Gorrill, Vernon J: Flying Officer, Royal Canadian Air Force; enlisted June 1941, went overseas March 1942; was stationed in England for three years, then at Patricia Bay in 1945. Distinguished Flying Cross April 1944: “Flying Officer Gorrill has completed a large number of photographic sorties, flying over some of the enemy’s most heavily defended targets such as Berlin, Stuttgart, the Ruhr Valley, Mannheim, Brest, and Bordeaux.  His ability as a navigator and the judgment and skill which he brings to his photography have made this officer a most valuable member of his squadron.”

Gorrill, Wilbur Woodman: Private, Scottish Highlanders, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps, July 1940-1945. Mentioned in dispatches for gallant and distinguished service overseas.

Gregg, Albert C “Bert”: Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve

Gregory, Cliff E: Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted July 1940.

Grieg William G “Will”: Possibly Veterans Home Guard. Stationed in Vancouver

Griffi,  J: Private

Griffith, Floyd: Royal Canadian Air Force, 1942-1946

Griffith, Verne Milton: Joined Canadian Army and was sent for training at Vernon then Red Deer. At Red Deer, it was discovered he was blind in one eye (a cinder in it in childhood had burned part of the cornea); this made him unable to shoot so he was let go; returned to Creston and worked on government building projects as his war effort.

Gyurkovits, John: Pilot Officer, Royal Canadian Air Force

Gyurkovits, Les: Private, Royal Canadian Army

Hackett, Murray: Private, Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted February 1945, stationed at Dundurn, SK.

Hagen, Alvin:

Hagen, Andy E: Private, went overseas 1944. Only injury was the loss of his hair, which fell out in patches and grew back snow white.

Hagen, Clarence:

Hagen, Elmer: Royal Canadian Army

Hagen, Frank: Private, Gunner, tank corps, Royal Canadian Army. Went overseas 1942. Later served as batman to an officer.

Hagen, Mel: Private, Canadian Army Overseas; enlisted 1939; one of the first from the Creston Valley to go overseas. Married an English girl and remained in England.

Hagen, Olga: Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service (Wrens); Enlisted April 1944.

Haines, E N “Slim”: Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted 1941.

Haines, Earle:

Hale, Richard Colston: Pilot, navigator, bombardier; Royal Canadian Air Force. Was being shipped out for service overseas when the war ended.

Hall, Jack S: Erickson. Army

Hall, Jack W: Creston. Trooper, Loader/Operator of a tank crew, “B” Squadron, Sherbrooke Fusiliers. Crew member of tank nicknamed “Bomb,” one of four Canadian-built Sherman tanks in B Squadron of The Sherbrooke Fusiliers. It was among scores of Canadian tanks at Juno Beach on D-Day and the only Canadian tank to fight unstopped from D-Day to VE-Day from France through Holland and into Germany. It travelled 4,000 kilometres, fired 6,000 rounds and never missed a day of action.

Hall, Joyce: Boswell. Leading Airwoman, Royal Canadian Air Force

Hall, William “Billy”: