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Creston Valley Goes to War


Thames, Bill: Private

Thames, Frank: Private

Thames, Lesley “Red”: Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve. Began training July 1944.

Thompson, Mel:

Thompson, Wallace: Army; served as gunner on tank

Thurston, Richard: Canadian Merchant Marine. Sailed the Pacific coast, Australia, New Zealand and islands on supply ships.

Tipper, K: Yahk

Tipper, Phil: Yahk

Tipper, Robert “Bob”: Yahk. Royal Canadian Air Force

Tomlinson, J:

Tompkins, Charlie: Private

Tooze, H H: Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted July 1940.

Tooze, L A: 18th Forestry Company, Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted  September 1940.

Torchia, G: Private

Towson, Albert E “Albie”: Corporal, Calgary Highlanders, Royal Canadian Army.  Enlisted 1942; served two years at Currie Barracks, Calgary.  Because of his age, he could not go overseas.

Trainer, J: Yahk

Trenaman, ?: British Army

Trevelyan, Richard W: Instructor, Pilot Officer, Royal Canadian Air Force. Promoted to Pilot Officer from Warrant Officer June 1944.

Trevelyan (Collis), Daisy Victoria: Staff Sergeant, Stenographer, Canadian Women’s Army Corps. Enlisted July 1942. Stationed with Office of the Chief of General Staff at Ottawa.

Tricker, Christopher William: Sergeant, Royal Canadian Air Force. Died of natural causes while serving, 18 September 1944

Tricker, Edward Henry: Rifleman, Royal Winnipeg Rifles, Royal Canadian Infantry Corps. Killed 12 December 1944

Truscott, Des L: Royal Canadian Air Force. Graduated flight school 5 May 1944.

Truscott, Don: Royal Canadian Air Force.  Enlisted 1942, and was serving overseas on D-Day.

Truscott, G G:

Truscott, Lewis: Signalman, Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve, on minesweeper HMCS Thunder. Participated in the capture of a German minesweeper and surrender of its crew in the Bay of Biscay in May 1945.

Turk, Ernie: Royal Canadian Air Force. Enlisted January 1944.

Tyerman, Roy: Army

Upton, William B: Enlisted by August 1940

Uri, Donald M V “Babe”: Wynndel. Instructor, Sergeant Pilot, Royal Canadian Air Force. Served 1942-1945.

Uri, Oswald M “Sonny”: Wynndel. Leading Aircraftman, Royal Canadian Air Force.  Enlisted 1942. Served at Tofino in sea patrol for a short time, then transferred to the 425 Alouettes Squadron, serving in North Africa and England for two years, 1943-1945

Van de Reit, J A “Jack”:

Van Slatte, Phillip H: Private First Class, Radio Technician, 32nd Bombardment Group, 8th Air Force (US), B-17 bombers. Received Presidential Citation  August 1944.

Van Koughnett, Wyllys: Boswell. Royal Canadian Army 1939-1940

Vetters, ?: Private

Vickers, Ed Lewis: Gunner, probably with 1 Canadian Corps, British 8th Army, Enlisted January 1943, went overseas 1943. Served in Italy. Wounded in right thigh October 6 1944.

Vigne, Godfrey L: Warrant Officer First Class. Enlisted with Rocky Mountain Rangers July 1940; served at Sitka after the Japanese invasion. Later transferred to Royal Canadian Ordinance Corps as mechanical instructor.

Vigne, L H “Bill”: Enlisted July 1940, Royal Canadian Ordinance Corps, fixing tanks, trucks, and anything else with a motor in it.

Vigne, Robert H “Bob”:  Enlisted 1940, as part of the second draft from Creston. Algonquin Regiment, British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught’s Own). In July 1944, his corps left England for a gruelling drive through France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. Its first action was on 8 August, as part of operation Totalize, and in an attack on Hill 195 near Caen 40 of their members were killed, including the lieutenant-colonel; 25 were reported missing, 80 were wounded, and 37 taken prisoner. The corps lost 47,Sherman tanks, two stewards, one crusader, and one scout car.

Vivian, Leonard: Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve

Vogan (Uri), Beryl:

Walker, J: Yahk

Walker John H “Jack”: Warrant Officer First Class, Air Bomber, Royal Canadian Air Force. Completed 35 required operational flights overseas November 1944 and returned to Canada January 1945.

Walker, Cliff: Angonquin Regiment, BC Regiment (Duke of Connaught's Own); serving as support troops at Hill 195 during Operation Totalize, fighting from a hedgerow until they ran out of ammunition.

Wall, Ronald E:

Wall (Fetherstonhaugh), Rita: LaFrance Creek. Leading Seaman, Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service. Enlisted November 1944. Married J.A. Fethersonhaugh of Royal Canadian Air Force.

Wallace, Kenneth “Ken”: Private, Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted 1939.  Got harvest leave at home autumn 1944; discharged November 1944.

Wallace, Lloyd: Navy

Ward, Douglas Merrill: Sergeant, Royal Canadian Air Force

Wardrope, W: Yahk

Webber, Frank: Army

Webster, D Arthur: Leading Aircraftman, Royal Canadian Air Force

Weins, A:

Weins, Henry: Corporal.  Served overseas, returned August 1944

Weins, Leonard: Private

Weir, A C “Dolph”: 18th Forestry Company, Royal Canadian Army.  Enlisted September 1940.

Weir, A William: Private, Forestry Corps, Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted autumn 1940

Weir, Bob: Lieutenant, Royal Canadian Army. Stationed eastern Canada July 1944.

Weir, Ken: Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve

Weir, William E “Bill”: Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted July 1940.

Wells, W A: Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted July 1940.

Wenger, Lawrence Henry: Private, Calgary Highlanders, Royal Canadian Infantry Corps. Killed in action 1November 1944 in attack on Walcheren Island, Battle of the Schedlt, during the Liberation of Holland

Werner, Jack: Army

Werre, Edward J “Ed”: Private.

Werts, F H:

Weston, A: Corporal, Royal Canadian Air Force

Weston, P: Flight Sergeant, Royal Canadian Air Force

Whetton, H: Yahk

Whetton, M: Yahk

Whitesel, George H: Enlisted in July 1940 in the Canadian Scottish Army at age of 52; transferred to Royal Canadian Ordinance Corps and served in Canada.

Whitesel, Helen:

Whitesel, Jack: Royal Canadian Air Force, December 1942-1945.  Served in Canada and Great Britain.

Whitesel, Roy: Royal Canadian Army, 1942-1943; served in Canada

Wickholm, William: Canadian Army Overseas

Wickwire, Harold Weston: Private, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps. Joined in Saskatchewan.Served in England, Belgium, France, Holland and Germany. Wounded in Action overseas September 1944. Discharged 1946.

Wightman, George W “Bud”: Leading Aircraftman, Royal Canadian Air Force

Wigness, K G: Corporal. Served in Italy.

Wigness, P F: Lance Corporal

Wilbur, L W:

Willis, B L:

Willis, George: US Army

Willis, Robert J: Gunner, 62nd Anti-Aircraft Battery, Canadian Army Special Force, England. Married Jean Elspeth Milne in England early in 1942. Served four and a half years, until September 1945.

Wills, Ed: Army

Wilson, C J K: Lance Bombardier, Canadian Personnel Carrier Squadron; Commanded a “Kangaroo” armoured personnel carrier. Military Medal October 1944 for ramming a 75mm enemy gun and shooting its crew with a light machine gun from an exposed position on top of the carrier.

Wilson, Charles J “Charlie”: Royal Canadian Army. Released January 1944

Wilson, Thomas William Edmund: Lance Bombardier, Tank Corps, Canadian Army Overseas. Military Medal for bravery 23 January 1945. Volunteered for Pacific service 1945.

Wilson, Thomas: Sergeant, Tank Corps, Royal Canadian Army.

Wiltse, B C: Sergeant, Air Bomber, Royal Canadian Air Force. Graduated  from  flight  school  June 1944.

Wismer, R C:

Wocknitz, Kenneth: Private, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps.  Enlisted May 1944; arrived overseas in March 1945.

Wood, Allan:

Wood, H:   

Wood, James G “Jimmy”: Lance Corporal, Canadian Scottish Regiment, Royal Canadian Infantry Corps. Killed in action 8 July 1944.

Wood, Pat:     

Wood, Ron: Private

Wood, T G: Royal Canadian Army.  Enlisted July 1940.

Woods, A W:

Wright, Lionel: Army

Wright, A H “Rusty”: Navy

Wyles, C A: Royal Canadian Army Enlisted January 1941.

Young, Gordon: First grain buyer for the Midland and Pacific elevator in Creston. Enlisted 1939. Royal Canadian Air Force, stationed on east coast escorting convoys on submarine patrol.

Young, J:

Younie, A S:

Zackodnik, Dennis: Wounded in Italy July 1944 and invalided home.