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Creston Valley Goes to War


Abar, Frank: Army. Served in Italy

Abar, Ralph: Private, Camp Borden 

Abbott, Whitfield: Wynndel. Private. Enlisted 1944.

Abbott (Dobson), Mary: Wynndel. Nursing Sister, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, Canadian Women’s Army Corps. Served overseas for several years. Promoted to First Lieutenant October 1944.

Abrahams, D R: Sergeant, Canadian Army Overseas

Atkinson, ?: Corporal

Acton, Ray: Royal Canadian Navy

Alderson, Doug:

Aldrich, Clifford Jr: Army.

Aldrich, Clifford Sr:

Aldrich, D E: Sergeant, Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted July 1940; served in Italy. Returned to Creston November 1944.

Aldrich , Dave:    Army. Enlisted January 1945.

Alexander, Doug G: British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught's Own), Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted June 1940

Alger, Gordon C: Leading Aircraftman, Royal Canadian Air Force.

Allen, D:

Almer, J I: Creston. Private. Returned to Creston March 1946

Ambrose, Bill: Army?

Anderson, H: Yahk

Anderson, J L: Yahk

Anderson, Milt: Royal Canadian Air Force. Shot down over Belgium; the underground helped him escape.

Anderson, S: Yahk

Anderson, T M: Yahk

Anderson, W A: Yahk.

Andrews, Don: Private

Andrews, James M “Jimmy”: Royal Canadian Army Service Corps.  Enlisted June 1940.

Argyle, Ed: Canadian Army Overseas

Argyle, Percy: Enlisted 1941

Argyle, Sid: Royal Canadian Air Force. Achieved highest marks in Signals class, 1941

Argyle, Wilbur C: Sergeant, Flight Engineer, Royal Canadian Air Force. Graduated from flight school February 1945.

Arlt, Bill: Stoker First Class, Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve

Arlt, Elmer: Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve

Armitage, David Harold: Leading Aircraftman, Royal Canadian Air Force. Killed in action 8 June 1942

Armitage, E David “Dave”:

Armitage, John: Sergeant. Enlisted about 1942, discharged 1945.

Armstrong, Gordon: Erickson. Flying Officer, Royal Canadian Air Force.  Stationed on West Coast.

Avery, R H:

Bainbridge, Eric N: Private, Rocky Mountain Rangers, Canadian Army Overseas. Enlisted July 1940.

Bainbridge, Norman E: Rocky Mountain Rangers, Canadian Army Overseas. Enlisted July 1940.

Bainbridge, Wilfred H: Private, Sapper, Rocky Mountain Rangers, Canadian Army Overseas, 1940-1945. Stationed in Queen Charlottes in January 1941.

Baines, Arnold: Army. Enlisted 1939

Baker, S R: Flying Officer, Royal Canadian Air Force 

Baker, Thomas E: Erickson. Sergeant, (Royal) Canadian Army Service Corps. Overseas four years, 8 months; returned to Erickson May 1945.

Barber, A:

Barber, Jack: Aircraft Mechanic, Royal Canadian Air Force.

Barnhardt, A: Yahk

Barnhardt, D: Yahk

Barr, A: Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted July 1940.

Bartsoff, W: Private

Basil, Isaac Francis: Yaqan Nukiy. Private

Bateman, C: Yahk.

Bateman, Jim: Creston. Royal Canadian Navy

Bathie, Austin: Flight Lieutenant, Pilot and Navigator, Royal Canadian Air Force. Enlisted 1941. Flight instructor at Claresholm, Vulcan, McLeod, and North Battleford.

Bathie (Lake), Margaret:  Lieutenant, Telephone Operator, Canadian Women’s Army Corps. Enlisted February 1940; likely the first CWAC enlistee from the Creston Valley. Signed up for overseas duty; in September 1943 had been on leave for about a year but hoping to be back on duty soon.

Beam Ira Zane Jr “Zane”: Royal Canadian Army, 1939-1945. Served all over Europe – Germany, France, Repatriation of Holland.

Beard, Millie: Private, Canadian Women’s Army Corps. Jeriko Bay; transferred to Europe in 1945 for occupational duty in Germany.

Beard, Stella: Private, Canadian Women’s Army Corps, Camp Borden. Volunteered for Pacific service June 1945.

Beard, W Kirk: Sergeant, Rocky Mountain Rangers to Seaforth Highlanders. Enlisted 1940 with first contingent, went overseas 1941, won promotion during Italian campaign. Fought with Montgomery’s 8th Army in the Sicily and Italian Campaigns. Wounded fall 1944; reported missing in active service on Italian front Feb 1945; Prisoner of War Feb 1945; returned to Creston Oct 1945.        

Beattie, Bob: Private

Bell, Linden J: Royal Canadian Air Force

Beninger, Earle: Royal Canadian Air Force

Beninger, Hubert J: Pilot Officer, Royal Canadian Air Force. Graduated from Bombing and Gunnery School 7 August 1944.

Beninger, William: Photographer, Royal Canadian Air Force

Benny, G Edward: British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught's Own), Royal Canadian Army

Bevan, Raymond: Private, Rocky Mountain Rangers. Enlisted 1940.

Bevan, Richard S: Returned to Creston September 1945 on a hospital train.

Biccum, Norris R:

Birch, Mrs John: Royal Canadian Air Force, Daughter of Mr. & Mrs Charles Huscroft.            

Bird, Cyril P: Flight Sergeant, Royal Canadian Air Force

Bishop, Lester B: Creston. Born in Pullman, Washington; came to Creston with his father who was one of the farmers on Reclamation Farm. Staff Sergeant, US Army. Joined the US National Guard, in a unit that was rolled into the US Army in 1940. His unit, dubbed the “greatest jungle fighting unit,” was en route to the Phillippines when Pearl Harbour was attacked, then followed the US Marines into Guadalcanal. He also fought in New Georgia, Dutch New Guinea. At the end of the war, Bishop was one of only four remaining of the original men. Awarded Combat Badge for “courage, initiative, and aggressiveness against Japanese forces, 25 July 1944. Also awarded Silver Star for gallantry and heroism at Guadalcanal.          

Bohan, James P: Private. Wounded in action 23 May 1944 in Italy.

Bohan, John H: Kitchener. Private, Seaforth Highlanders, Royal Canadian Army. Killed in action 20 September 1944 in Italy                           

Bohan, Leonard: Sapper, overseas 1942-1945.

Bolton, Don “Boltie”: Private, Army. Enlisted 1941

Bond, A A:  Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted July 1940

Bond, F T: Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted July 1940

Bothamley, A:

Bothamley, J:

Botterill, “Copper”:

Botterill, F R:          

Botterill, Hazel: Canadian Women’s Army Corps.

Botterill, Lois: Royal Canadian Air Force  

Boudier, H P: Sapper, Canadian Army Overseas.

Boudier, J J: Sapper, Canadian Army Overseas. Medical discharge July 1944.

Bourdon, Francis W: Trooper, Canadian Army Overseas. Enlisted June 1940

Bourdon, George: Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve.

Bourdon, James W: Royal Canadian Air Force       

Bourdon, Sidney: Canadian Army Overseas

Bowers, L C: Royal Canadian Army.  Enlisted January 1941.             

Brady, Ed: Army. Served in Italy and northwestern Europe.

Bremacombe, Hugh D: Radar Operator, Royal Canadian Air Force.

Brosz, Elmer:                

Browell, Earle: Private, Royal Canadian Army.  Enlisted January 1941          

Browell, Guy: Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve. Began training in June 1944. Served on HMCS Woodstock with Maury Murphy.

Browell, Roy E:

Brunham, Charles: Creston. Army. Sergeant, Quartermaster, supplies

Brunham, Creston. Conrad Gerald “Connie”: Corporal, Sapper, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Canadian Army Overseas.  Volunteered 6 May 1941 at the age of 17½ years. Served in the UK, France, Germany, and Belgium. Landed in France in second wave of Canadian troops after D-Day and participated in the liberation of Holland.  Remained overseas for another year after the war ended to bury the dead at Groesbeck Canadian War Cemetery; discharged 27 July 1946.

Brunham, Norman: Creston. Army, supply

Bullock, Steve D: Private, Royal Canadian  Army  Service  Corps.

Burlingham, E H: Yahk

Burch, D H: Yahk