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Creston Valley Goes to War


Revans, H: Yahk

Rhodes, Roy: Joined due to a 45% tax imposed on all single men to force them to enlist. Slightly wounded in Germany in May 1945.

Richardson, J L:

Richardson, John B: Sergeant, Royal Canadian Air Force

Righton, L: Yahk

Riley, Oroville A: 18th Forestry Company, Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted September 1940.

Robinson, Bill: Gunner

Rogers, Alexander:

Rohac. Bill: Royal Canadian Army, 1942-1945

Rolfe, T: Private, Veterans' Home Guard. Enlisted September 1940 with 19th Forestry Company, Royal Canadian Army; later transferred to Veterans' Home Guard.

Rollag, Otto: Private. When he received his first call to join up, the residents of Wynndel petitioned to have him exempted from service, as he was the only mechanic in the area at the time. He joined up when he received his second call.

Romano, Gloria: Canadian Women’s Army Corps

Ronellenfitch, M E:

Roope, E E:

Ross, Bruce: Royal Canadian Air Force

Ross, Bruce D: Royal Canadian Air Force

Ross, Tom A: Royal Canadian Air Force, stationed New Brunswick January 1945

Rota, Fiore “Frank”: Corporal. Enlisted May 1944. 1945 Promoted to Sergeant.

Rota, Sam: Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve

Rudd, Wayne D: Private First Class, US Marine Corps, South Pacific.

Rumsey, Elizabeth: Canadian Women’s  Army Corps

Ryckman, Jack A: Royal Canadian Army Service Corps. Served in Canada, England, France, Holland, Belgium, and Italy 1941-1945.

Sadler, James H: Sergeant, Veterans' Home Guard. Enlisted July 1940. Stationed Medicine Hat.

Sales, Louis: Private

Schade, Ariel G “Ted”:

Schade, Cletus Berton: Flight Sergeant, Royal Canadian Air Force

Schaub, Kenneth: Leading Aircraftman, Royal Canadian Air Force; Stationed on Vancouver Island in 1945.

Schelle, S E “Sandy”: Army

Scott, J A:

Scott, Sam: Private

Scott, W:

Seeley, C S:

Shaw, Albert N: Pilot Officer, Royal Canadian Air Force. Went overseas late in 1943; earned commission as Pilot Officer November 1944. Completed required 34 operational flights in January 1945. Volunteered for Pacific service May 1945.

Shaw, Sylvester Carl: 18th Forestry Company, Royal Canadian Army.  Enlisted September 1940; discharged for medical reasons 1941.

Sheer, F: Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted July 1940.

Sherman, D:

Sherman, Stephen George Cochrane “Steve”: Boswell. Flying Officer, Royal Canadian Air Force. Flew over 38 missions. Was serving with 97 Squadron, Royal Air Force when reported missing and presumed dead 10 May 1944 after air operations over Lille, France. Mentioned in dispatches autumn 1944.

Simister, Frank Jr.: Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve. Enlisted April 1944.

Simons, Sam: Private, Canadian Army Overseas. Member of Lower Kootenay Band. In 1944 during Italian campaign, noted for his Heroism in an escape from being held prisoner.

Simpson, C: Corporal, Veterans' Home Guard. Enlisted July 1940.

Simpson, Fred: Boswell

Sinclair, Clayton: Lance Corporal, Regina Rifle Regiment, Royal Canadian Infantry Corps. Killed in action 14 August 1944

Sinclair, James Douglas: Private, Canadian Scottish Regiment, Royal Canadian Infantry Corps. Enlisted July 1940. Killed in action during D-Day invasion, 8 June 1944. Served in the same battalion as D.A. Domke, also killed in action.

Sinclair, Margaret: Royal Canadian Air Force; posted to Ottawa 1945.

Sinclair-Smith, Reginald Robert: Royal Canadian Artillery, Canadian Army Overseas; one of the first from Creston to enlist.

Sithes, ?: Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve

Skelly, John Henry “Harry”: Flight Lieutenant, Royal Canadian Air Force.  Nearly four years’ service; enlisted 21 January 1942, served with 124 Squadron Rockcliffe, England and in Halifax. Killed 23 June 1945 in a training accident in England.

Skerik, Gordon: Flying Officer, Bomb Aimer, 429 Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force. Completed required 30 operational flights over Germany October 1944. Distinguished Flying Cross 1945.

Skerik Wesley G: Flight Sergeant, Air Gunner, 425 Squadron Allouettes, Royal Canadian Air Force. Enlisted October 1942, went overseas January 1944. Shot down over Darmstadt, Germany 25 February 1944 in his first mission in Halifax bomber. Prisoner of War at Follingbostel, Germany; liberated 4 May 1945.

Skilling, George: Navy

Skookum, Joe: Yaqan Nukiy. Served in BC Regiment (Duke of Connaught’s Own).

Smedbol, H: Yahk

Smedbol, H: Yahk

Smith, E J:

Smith, Edward Francis: Sergeant Major, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. Enlisted 1939. Took part in the Allied landings in Sicily, then served through Italy, France, and Germany. Remained in the army after the war, as an instructor at the Royal Canadian School of Infantry at Camp Borden. Died in a training accident 9 November 1951 and received a full military burial ceremony in Creston.

Smith, G A:

Smith, G Pendell:

Smith, Harold N: 18th Forestry Company, Royal Canadian Army.  September 1940-1945. Served in Canada, England, Holland, Belgium, France and Italy.

Smith, M L:

Smith, Roy “Hop”:

Smith, Roy: Married a Faynor after the war

Smythe, M: Private, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps

Solecki, Matt: Royal Canadian Air Force

Sommerfeld, Arthur: Canadian Army Service Corps, stationed at Halifax.

Sparrow, H C: Private, Veterans’ Home Guard. Enlisted July 1940.

Speaker, Bob: Private. Prisoner of War September 1944-June 1945.

Spence, Geoff:  Boswell. Staff Sergeant, Royal Canadian Engineers. Accidental death 9 May 1945 while serving overseas.

Spencer, J H: Private

Spiers, Gordon  J: Staff Sergeant, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

Stace-Smith, Gordon: Corporal, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps.  Serving with Central Mediterranean Force in Italy October 1944.

Stace-Smith John W: Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted July 1940. Wounded April 1945 in Holland in the same shelling attack that killed Denis Huscroft.

Stace-Smith Richard “Dick”: Royal Canadian Navy. Enlisted February 1945

Stadnyk, W: Yahk

Staite, E W:

Standen, William J H: 108th Battalion, Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted 12 September 1939.

Stanislaw, Simon: Yaqan Nukiy. Private, Seaforth Highlanders, 1st Division, Central Mediterranean Force, Italy.

Staples, T: Private

Stefanuk, W:

Steiner, Gus:

Stevens, Elmer:

Stevenson, Orman: Boswell. Pilot Officer, Royal Canadian Air Force

Stewart, Henry: Flight Lieutenant, Royal Canadian Air Force

Stewart, J  A  R:

Steib, Henry: Enlisted 1940, Royal Canadian Artillery. Served in Italy and had reached 15 km into Germany at the Armistice. Discharged 5 October 1945.

Strong, Alva: Royal Canadian Air Force

Stuart, H D: Flight Lieutenant, Royal Canadian Air Force.

Sullivan, S:

Sutcliffe, Arthur R: Flight Officer, Royal Canadian Air Force. Received his wings 5 April 1944. Served as an instructor, stationed at Flying Instructors School at Pearce, AB.

Swanson, William “Billy”: yaqan Nukiy. Private, Canadian Army. Undertook sniper duty, often being stationed in a remote location for several weeks at a time. The most decorated of all Yaqan Nukiy veterans. Died of a heart attack in 1964, at age 46.

Swanson, R: Yahk

Sweeting, Lyle: Navy

Talarico, Joe A: Royal Canadian Air Force

Tamas, J A:

Tanner, A:

Tate, A:

Taylor, Charles: Gunner, 62nd Battalion, Royal Canadian Artillery

Taylor, Charles H: Flight Lieutenant, Royal Canadian Air Force. Reported missing and later reported killed in action after an overseas operation 14 September 1944.

Taylor, Fred S “Sandy”: Craftsman, 2nd Canadian Tank Troops, Canadian Army Overseas.  Enlisted 1940, went overseas 1942.  His tank workshop unit was accorded High Honours 15 August 1944: In preparation for “Operation Totalize” (8-13 August 1944) in which the Allies broke out of Norway and pushed the German lines back from Caen to Falaise, US-made self-propelled guns were converted into armoured personnel carriers, called Kangaroos.  This was the first time that infantry troops rode into battle in vehicles with the same armour and mobility as the tanks. The conversion of 76 guns into the Kangaroos began on 2 August, and was completed on 6 August, less than half the time expected by the planners of the project.

Tedford, A R: Gunner

Tedford , Bert: One year active service overseas 1944-1945.

Tedford, Lawrence: Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve

Telford Alexander M “Sandy”: Erickson. Pilot Officer, Observer, Royal Canadian Air Force. Enlisted at Trail, February 1943, graduated at Malton February 1944 as navigator.

Thalman, J  A