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Creston Valley Goes to War

Those Who Left

Recruiting Ad 23May1941.JPG

Recruiting ad for Canada's armed services, May 1941

Much of what was done and felt at home during the Second World War was attributable to a sense of patriotism, to the desire to defeat Hitler or Nazism or fascism or any of the other titles it was given. But by far the greatest motivation was the desire to support "our boys" - the men and women in uniform. Recruiting posters, fundraising slogans, war-savings bonds campaigns: all of these and more exhorted the local population to "do their part" for the brothers, sisters, sons, and friends who were on the front lines. And the Creston Valley responded in full.

In the next pages, we present what we know of the service of the eight hundred and nine men and women from the Creston Valley whose military service inspired so much effort and sacrifice on the part of those who remained behind.

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Links in the names of the individuals in this list will take you to another page with additional information and/or photographs. As we receive additional information, we will add to these links and pages!