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Creston Valley Goes to War


Kardis, G: Private

Kardis, Martin: Private

Kelly, H A:

Kelsey, L C:

Kelsey, Maurice: Royal Canadian Air Force

Kemp, Lyle: Flying Officer,  Bomb Aimer, Royal Canadian Air Force; enlisted 1940, went overseas 1942. Promoted to Pilot Officer 1943 and Flying Officer 1945. Served on Halifax bombers stationed in England. January 1945, during a bombing run over Bochum, Germany in the industrial Ruhr valley, flak burst through the nose of the plane where he was sighting for bomb release, lodged in batteries in side pocket of his Mae West life jacket that operated the safety light. Completed the 36 required operational flights in March 1945. Distinguished Flying Cross 1945.

Kemp, W Aubrey: Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted July 1940.

Kennedy, Mae: Sergeant, AMAF Branch, Royal Canadian Air Force, headquarters staff at Ottawa. Enlisted too late to go overseas.

Key, Gordon: Army

Kilbach, ?:

Kinney, Doug: Army

Klingensmith, Charles: Royal Canadian Air Force

Kludash, William J: Gunner.  Wounded with bullet wounds to skull and right shoulder 8 August 1944.

Knezacek, George: Lance Corporal

Kolthammer, Charlie: From January 1945 Creston Review, “is in the transport in Holland.”

Kolthammer, Ken: First Lieutenant, January 1945 Creston Review, “transferred from the artillery to the infantry at Brockville.”

Kopp, S: Private, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps. Stationed at Chilliwack in September 1944.

Kovach, Ernest “Ernie”: Mechanic before enlisting; served as a mechanic during the war servicing units close to the front lines. Came to Creston, where his mother lived, after the war.

Kovach, F J:

Kovach, W: Sergeant, Royal Canadian Air Force

Kromhaut, A C:

Kunst, Tony: Private, Veterans Home Guard

Labelle, Johnny F: Private, Royal Canadian Army

LaBelle, Wilfred F: Private, Royal Canadian Army

Lachat, Paul: Driver and Bandsman, Royal Canadian Air Force. Enlisted 1942. Stationed at Edmonton and Claresholm. Received medical discharge.

Lastuka, George: Private, Canadian Army Overseas served for six years

Lastuka, W: Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted July 1940.

Leadbetter, Lawrence P:

Leroux, Ernie: Army

Lester, Clare: Army. Served in a reinforcement unit for BC Regiment (Duke of Connaught’s Own)

Lewis, Thomas Austin: Gunner; served in Italy. Seriously injured October 1944

Lewis, William “Bill”: Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve

Liddle, M U:

Lindgren, W:

Littlejohn, Keith A: Born in Sunderland, England in 1905. Came to Canada in 1905, then returned to England, but was sent back to Canada during World War I. Served in Royal Canadian Air Force, then returned to Erickson.

Lockhead, Jimmy C Jr.: Enlisted June 1940, BC Regiment (Duke of Connaught's Own), Royal Canadian Army

Lockhead, Jimmy V Sr: Enlisted June 1940, BC Regiment (Duke of Connaught's Own), Royal Canadian Army

Lockhead, Margaret: Canadian Women’s Army Corps

Logan, Donald:

Logan, Jean: Royal Canadian Air Force. Stationed at Scadac, NB.

Lomas, H: Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted January 1941.

Lorenzo, P: Yahk

Lougheed, Robert A “Bob”: Leading Aircraftman, Royal Canadian Air Force

Lovestrom, Agnes: Canadian Women’s Army Corps

Lovestrom, Leona May: Canadian Women’s Army Corps

Lovestrom (McDonald), Alice: Private, Canadian Women’s Army Corps, in training September 1945 in Kitchener, ON.

Lowden, Mable: Nursing sister, Royal Canadian Air Force.  In April 1944, became one of the first four flying nurses in western Canada, whose duties were to go out by plane and bring patients back to the hospitals.

Lowther, Bud: Royal Canadian Air Force

Lynn, A R: Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted July 1940.

MacDonald, E D: 18th Forestry Company, Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted September 1940.

MacDonald, Larry S: Private, 1st Canadian Armoured Car Regiment, Canadian Army Overseas. Enlisted 1940; went overseas 1943. Wounded in Italy.

MacDonald, William N “Bill”: Sergeant (Royal) Canadian Army Service Corps

MacKay, Fred H: Private, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps. Enlisted April 1942, served until 1946. Attached to Canadian Scottish. Served overseas as a cook and was stationed for one year after the war in Germany on occupational duty.

Mackie, A C: Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted July 1940.

Mackie, Percy: Corporal, Royal Canadian Air Force. Stationed at NFL

Mackie, William “Bill”: Captain, Rocky Mountain Rangers, Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted July 1940. Served in Kiska campaign. Worked with Veterans Land Affairs after the war.

MacKinnon, A A: Yahk

Magistao, J:

Mah, George: One of the Chinese residents of the Creston Valley. Enlisted in the Chinese Air Force April 1941.

Maione, Francesco “Frank”: Pacific Coast Militia Rangers

Mairs, R  J:

Mangelson, Fred: Royal Canadian Army. Served four years.

Mann, Ernie “Bud”: Private, Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve. Enlisted June 1944.

Marenchak, Johnny H: Corporal

Marken, Johnny: Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Served overseas.

Martello, Bob: Flying Officer, Royal Canadian Air Force.  Died in crash of Liberator bomber on Vancouver Island July 1945.

Mathers, G:

Mattison, Harold:

McAllister, ?: Private

McCartney, Dan J: Yahk. Private, Calgary Highlanders, Royal Canadian Infantry Corps. Killed in action 23 August 1944

McCarty, Cliff: Army

McCulloch, Ella: Canadian Women’s Army Corps. Stationed at Nanaimo May 1944.

McCulloch, Frank L: Private, Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted July 1940.

McDicken, Jimmy H: Canadian Army Overseas

McDonald, Allan D: Lieutenant. Won commission 12 September 1944.

McDonald, E D: Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted June 1940.

McDonald, Gordon: Trooper

McDonald, J D:

McDonald, William J “Bill”: Royal Canadian Air Force. Enlisted summer 1940

McDougall, C F: Royal Canadian Army. Enlisted January 1941.

McDougall, Ian: Royal Canadian Air Force. Served in North Africa.

McDougall, Robert. Alice Siding. Enlisted at age 19 in May 1943; Army; served in Italy. Lost a leg at Anzio, 1 May 1944, after stepping on a land mine.

McGregor, Lloyd  G:

McInnis, H A: Yahk

McInnis, W N: Yahk

McKay, Donald: Army

McKee, D J H: Private, Army Police

McKee, Raymond P: Flight Lieutenant, Royal Air Force Transport Command; flew a lot of VIPs. Went overseas November 1942; Promoted to Flight Lieutenant April 1945. Maritime patrol pilot, hunting submarines out of England.

McKenzie, G G: Former Creston dentist. Captain, 37 Company Canadian Dental Corps.

McKenzie, J:

McKenzie, Lawrence: Army. Served in a unit that reinforced the BC Regiment (Duke of Connaught’s Own)

McLaren, Frank: Private, Canadian Army. Enlisted February 1945.

McLaren, Gordon: Private

McLaren, J E: 18th Forestry Company. Enlisted September 1940.

McMillan, A  A: Served in Italy.

McMillan, Don: Trooper. Wounded; returned to Canada on Canadian hospital ship Lady Nelson.

McMillan, Maurice E: Injured January or February 1945.

McMillan, Melvin Weir “Mel”: Battery Sergeant Major, later Warrant Officer II, Royal Canadian Artillery. Enlisted fall 1939; one of the first from the Creston Valley to go overseas. Seriously wounded in Italy October 1944, and died of his wounds.

McQuary, D: Private, Royal Canadian Army

McQuary, Jacob Delbert: Canadian Army Overseas