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1942 B-B Lister.jpg
The Bolingbroke bomber that made a forced landing near Creston in 1942 and was guarded by the Cadets

Abbott Mary.jpg
Photo: Mary Abbott

Air Raid patrol.jpg
Air Raid Patrol personnel at Creston, BC

ARP personnel.jpg
Nominal Roll of Air Raid Personnel, Creston BC

Announcement 26Jan1917.jpg
Newspaper article from the Creston Review, announcing the formation of a Forestry Corps battalion at Cresotn

1943 Kitchener 1.jpg
An Anson Mark I plane, probably from the CATP school at Fort MacLeod, after a disastrous emergency landing at Kitchener, 1943

Application Cards 19Jun1942.jpg
A notice advising people to return their applications for ration coupons, 19 June 1942
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