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CWAC 19Nov1943.jpg
Recruitment poster for the CWAC published in the Creston Review 19 Nov 1943

Frying Pan 26Mar1943.jpg
Advertisement for fat and bone collection to make explosives during WW2

victory garden.jpg
Promotional Poster for Victory Gardens in Canada WW2

Huscroft Denis.jpg
Photo of Denis Huscroft, killed in action 21 April 1945

VE Day.jpg
Crowds of people line Canyon Street, Creston BC, awaiting the VE Day parade 1945

Lethbridge Herald 8May1945.jpg
Headline announcing the end of the Second World War, Lethbridge Herald, 7 May 1945

headline from the Creston Review announcing the end of the Second World War, 11 May 1945

Schade 11Aug1944.jpg
Cletus Schade makes required number of flights, April 1944

Skelly Jack.jpg
Part of service record for John Henry "Harry" Skelly

Kemp Lyle.jpg
Newspaper article announcing Lyle Kemp's DFC
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