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Men 17 26Nov1943.jpg
Recruitment ad for the Canadian Army, seeking men as young as 17.

Kiska Landing.jpg
American troops landing at Kiska, 15 August 1943

Kiska Landing article.pdf
Newspaper article from the Hamilton Spectator, detailint the assault on Kiska Island

First graduating class of the Voluntary Auxiliary Drivers Corps, Creston, 28 November 1941

Application Cards 19Jun1942.jpg
A notice advising people to return their applications for ration coupons, 19 June 1942

Plaque commemorating World War II dead

Ukrainian Hall 28 Jun 1940.jpg
Newspaper article detailing the closure of the Ukrainian Hall, Canyon, 28 June 1940

Kamo Family.jpg
The Kamo family of Canyon, who were forced into internment camps in 1942

Italians 11June1940.jpg
The Oath of Allegiance taken by the local Italian Community, 11 June 1940
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