Nearly 250 men, and one woman, from Creston and Kootenay Lake, British Columbia enlisted in the First World War. From St. Julien to the Hundred Days; in the trenches, in the air, and on the sea, they served and fought in every capacity.

Over eight hundred men and women served in the Second World War, joining the air force, the army, the navy, even some special forces.

Thousands more - those left at home - endured the rationing, the fundraising, and the constant anxiety for their loved ones in uniform.

Here, we present two important stories in Creston Valley's military history:

Lumberjack Soldiers: Creston's Forestry Battalion

The 230th Battalion, Canadian Forestry Corps, was raised in Creston in the spring of 1917;

When War Comes Home: Creston Valley in the Second World War

The multiple ways in which the Second World War affected those left at home.

Additional exhibits will be added in time.